Lunge Forward – Stand on two damp rags and clean those floors; make sure to bend those knees (Front & Side)

Squats Up – Wash those windows; up and down! Clean out your cupboards; up and down! Empty the diswasher; up and down!

Set the Tone – Get on your knees and scrub the floors until they sparkle. Bad knees? Make your bed then do 15+ tricep dips.

Cardio, Baby – Vacuum the bedroom. Run downstairs to wash the floor. Run back upstairs to clean the bath. Room to room with no order!

Walk the Plank – Need to put away all the toys on the floor; get into plank position and place (or throw!) into bins. Do this for anything on floor level.

Step Up – Reach high! Place a chair under the lamp or by armoire, now extend leg back, squeeze those glutes and dust away.

Clothes Crunch – Sit by your unfolded laundry, lift both feet off the ground, fold and twist to lay it on a pile. Repeat. Ab Time!

Sweeping Power – Broom in hands, squat down and push broom overhead. Sweep. Repeat.