A properly-rounded exercise routine provides a balance of cardio and weight training. A most desirable exercise routine for novices alternates cardio and weight training on different days (check out our 12-Semi-Private Training to help you achieve your goals instantly!), but occasionally, you’re strapped for time and you need to do both on the same day inside the same exercise routine. So, which should you do first? Weights or Cardio?

Do Weights Before Cardio.

The verdict is: do weight training before then you get into some cardio. Research has shown that people who do weight training after cardio frequently suffer in overall performance, having to do less reps or less weight than people who do weight training without cardio first. Put truly, cardio tires you out. If you decide to run some miles earlier than hitting the weight room, you’ve already used up a lot of energy. In addition, in case you fatigue your muscle mass by using doing cardio before your weight training, your shape and weaken, that could lead to damage/injury. Your motivation to push harder at the weights will reduce as well, as you simply won’t have the required energy to truly push yourself the manner you may if your muscle not already fatigued.

When you choose to do weights before doing cardio, you will likely have better form, be able to lift heavier, and accomplish the movements with greater skill. We’ve long touted the benefits of strength training, so make sure you are hitting the weights! You’ll sculpt a lean body and see real aesthetic changes when you add weight training to your routine. For those looking to slim down, cardio is also important. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s especially beneficial for beginners to do weight training and cardio on different days, but we understand that everyone has a different schedule and you need to find what will work best for you. Of course, no exercise regime is complete without the proper nutrition to go with it. Make sure you’re eating whole foods and the proper amounts to achieve the results you want.

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